Why I kept the Boy and Red Balloon illustrations super simple

I got some excellent feedback last weekend about the book last weekend. I love Constructive criticism. One question that came up was this:

“I have read a lot of Children’s books but your illustrations were very simple, why did you do that?”

Ironically the answer is simple: We are reading the book and not necessarily watching it. I always wanted to have the WORDS in the WRITTEN format become the driving force and for the illustrations to be supplements. The drawings were very simple but colorful yet not too distracting, I also wanted the words to have colors embedded to enhance the meaning of the word and tie them into the actual story. A multi-sensory approach, if you will. And the illustrations are unique but not too distracting and simple enough (OK, a little more sophisticated than stick figures!) that a child can take the base image and build on it in his or her mind, and really let one’s imagination soar like the balloon!

I may have broken several rules for writing a typical Children’s book by having too many words in a page and not enough in another; changing the font size in one page and breaking with traditional punctuation but I learned from my inspiration, my son, that Children do not think like adults.

Then, why should we write like an adult and adhere perfectly to the “rule?”

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about rules….ask my wife and she’ll attest to my crazy schemes to organize things. And I do want Children to learn the rules….


A children’s book is about them using their imagination and maybe… just maybe for an adult like me who deep inside still feels like a thirteen old boy, to feel that he can bend,……….even break a rule here and there!

Remember always to believe,

Kaveh Adel

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  1. By veterinary technician, April 12, 2010 @ 9:24 pm

    Terrific work!

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