Video about “The Boy and the Red Balloon”

Hello again!

I figured I should give everyone a glimpse of the book.

More like a teaser!

No, in all seriousness it is my aim to help evoke and nurture positive emotions.  In my opinion, nothing is more powerful than the written word–yet when one adds the visuals it allows the child (and the child inside the adult!) to use one’s own imagination.

That leaves room for interpretations that could range from quite simple to bizarre and far-fetched.  If you have seen the new “Alice in Wonderland” by Tim Burton, you know what I am talking about.  But I digress….

The visuals for Children’s books have to be pretty simplistic to allow the written word to “sink in.” Yet, they have to give enough direction to the Child to have him/her learn what the concept is!

So, I am going against my own advice and put a little 30 second video together to express MY own emotions about the book.

I hope you enjoy it! Here it is:

And remember to always be positive in face of everything that might lead you to believe otherwise!

I wish for  all of you to have unconditional Love, health and prosperity always,

Kaveh Adel

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