The Red Balloon and the Brave Girl with Nightmares

No More Nightmares, Brave Girl

I was recently contacted by  a dear friend of mine who told me the story of a girl who has been having nightmares. All I know is that this brave little girl was having some problems with nightmares  and my friend was helping her with those. My friend as a way to cope with her nightmares read and gave a copy of The Boy and the Red Balloon to her. Apparently the story made an impression on her that she asked for a red balloon to have with her and she was planning to draw a face on the balloon just for her close to her. I was so numb and so moved by this story.  I was humbled actually that this little book had made an impression , maybe in a small way had touched someone deep inside.  i was compelled to draw and say something to this brave little girl. Here it goes: When you feel helpless and there is nothing that can stop those bad nightmares.  And, no matter how hard things seem to get, you will always find one thing inside you that is sparkling and unique.  There is one thing that can stop all the sadness, all the hurt, all the fear, all the hate and all hopelessness.  I know these words can seem a little hard to understand but I know that you feel all of those things and it is hard to describe them with words.  BUT……. remember this: You are Powerful because you have LOVE inside you.  And love stops all the bad feelings, it is so strong that when you put your arm out and you smile with all the love inside you… it crushes the nightmares, it crushes the hate and the anger. Then,  nothing can hurt you.  And when you feel weak, don’t worry. The Red balloon and all the balloons in the world will come to your dreams and fill you with LOVE. And you will have enough to give back and send your Red Balloons to others who have nightmares too. And they will be Brave too and they will feel the Love inside them too. Soon, no one will have nightmares anymore because you started it whole thing. You were and truly ARE so brave and loving that hurt and fear has no chance!No chance at all. So, sleep well Brave little girl as there are no nightmares anymore. As the message of the book is very simple:  BELIEVE. With Unconditional Love, Kaveh Adel 2010©

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