The Little Lady dressed in White talks to the Boy and Red Balloon Writer

It is a great feeling when one least expects it , one is informed that what one has done has affected someone else in a positive way.

Last night, I was at a work party with my wife. I was mingling with everyone listening intently(as I always do) because I genuinely love to hear everyone’s stories–no matter what.

I spotted my wife asking me to go over to her side of the room. As I made my way through the crowd and swerved past several servers and a couple of chairs, she took my hand and stepped aside. Right behind her was a young girl dressed in white with a big smile. My wife said: ” Say hi to (Name-to preserve anonymity) , I think she wants to tell you something!”

My interest was piqued! The smiling little Lady asked, “Are you the writer?”

I politely said, ” Yes,….. well….yes I am!” immediately following with, “Did you like my book?”

She replied, ” Yes I did….. I liked it a lot…Are you going to do another one?”

I thought for a split second that the answer would be a resounding YESSSS! But, I responded with question, ” What would you like to see me do? Do you have a suggestion?”

She did not expect it and thought for a second, I then asked her to think about it and let me know when she comes up with something. She responded with a great line that made my night, ” My teacher read it too and she liked it too and she said AAWWW.” While she held her hands closely to her face looking up! I gathered that her teacher was positively moved.

Right when she said that her mom smiled and said that this little lady has been keeping my book “the Boy and the Red Balloon” under her pillow! And that her uncle got the book for her! And, she loves to draw and paint!!!! I was very humbled by this and said that I would LOVE to see her work, because I am genuinely interested what anyone has to say, or do, or draw! Especially a creative young mind!

Then I asked her, ” How old do you think I am?” She replied with a number that was pretty close to my real age…… ( I won’t divulge that because, well…read on!)

I leaned over to her and said, “I am thirteen…… I never grew up! I still act like I am thirteen!” My wife nodded her head with a definitive YES!

The little lady gave me a puzzled look and a grin.

Then, again, I leaned over to her and said, ” Now, you make sure that you don’t grow up either!!! And DO whatever your heart desires! Do what you LOVE!”

Her Mom laughed and so did she!

Deep inside, I had tears but they were tears of joy,
But I smiled,

Then a laugh!

Suddenly I was pulled away by another friend, but that encounter meant a world to me.

So to the little Lady dressed in white , the budding artist, the future writer, or whatever her heart desires:

“Remember, don’t grow up inside…… matter how old you are on the outside, always stay creative and do what your heart desires!”

The world is waiting for your creativity, just as you were dressed in white…….you have the ability to paint the canvas of your life with your own colors!

Always, always…Believe!

Kaveh Adel

2 Comments to “The Little Lady dressed in White talks to the Boy and Red Balloon Writer”

  1. By reza, April 19, 2010 @ 7:52 am

    cheghadr in matn ghashnge

  2. By admin, April 19, 2010 @ 8:47 am

    Thank you for the comment about the Blog post. The beauty of this experience is related to how we all are children and we need to always listen to our inner child EVERY day! :)

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