The First Reading of “The Boy and the Red Balloon” was a hit! see the Video!

I am not the type of person who likes to be in the spot light, in fact, far from it!   But, when the opportunity came to do a reading of my book “The Boy and the Red Balloon” for my son’s preschool class…. Well, I said to myself: ” if my boys like the book, then who’s to say that other kids won’t, right?”  I went in there with the idea that I will have to focus on ONE thing and that is that I wrote the book as an inspiration for my son and maybe he’ll think of his dad, someday, as a dad who really cared about what he felt  and not just somebody who was merely there……I thought of it as a legacy I leave for him and if he is the only one who likes it, then my mission is accomplished.

Was I in for a surprise!!!!

I was overwhelmed by the response I got when I started to read the book for those beautiful, hungry eyes who could barely contain themselves in their seats! At one point I could not even finish the sentences because they were finishing them for me…. they knew, intuitively what the next word…. even the next sentence was going to be!

I naturally fed off of that enthusiasm… and I say enthusiasm because I saw how  they were emotionally involved( I  knew I was emotionally involved and charged to the max even before going in there) but it was not just excitement…. It was pure enthusiasm and exhilaration!  It was joy,  as if they believed as much as I believed!

Sure, there were some very funny moments…… like one boy licking his right hand then after a while licking both hands while Mrs. K , the teacher, was trying to subdue him……. but that added to the fun energy, I believe!

I was amazed at the response from the girls… they were bright and engaged as much if not more than the boys!

Here is the You Tube video:

All and all, I have to say it is not the size of the crowd for a book reading that matters but the effect that it has, the level of engagement, the pure exchange of love between the reader, the words and the listeners!  I managed to be a vehicle and I hope to make that a reality furthermore in the near future! It motivated me to write a 1000 more!!!

With that I would like to officially thank the beautiful boys and girls, the “Grasshoppers” as well as the teachers and the Teacher’s aids who were absolutely supportive and wonderful at the Prairie Children’s Preschool.

I also want to thank my wife, Semira for being the one!

In this process I also have made connections with people in unlikely places, across the pacific ocean, such a wonderful person named Jason Surguine who allowed me to use his music, his song, in this video.  He is very talented not just musically but also in designing games and writing!  You can check out his website at

And always remember to Believe in the power of love, because you can get it from an unlikely place and it my be right in front of you, you just have to be open to it!

With Unconditional Love,

Kaveh Adel

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