Just One More Book & We can rebuild her

In March of 2010 I contacted the website Just One More Book, created by Andrea Ross & Mark Blevis, since I had just written my first children’s book and I eagerly wanted to know if they’d be interested in reading it. I had been hooked on their podcasts listening to their interviews and reviews after I had  incidentally been  trying to learn more about a favorite book that my 4 year old son who  fell  in love with a book called “The Rich Man and the Parrot” by Suzan Nadimi (based on an old Persian tale by Rumi).  The book was given as a gift to him by my aunt who is involved in Children literature in Boise, Idaho.  But I digress!

I had not heard back from Andrea or Ross for months.  Then, I checked their site more closely and a chill fell over me that Andrea was diagnosed with Breast cancer and she was fighting the battle with fantastic support.  Since we had, not so long ago, had a very dear and close family member pass away from Breast Cancer I felt numb.  I felt bad that I had bothered them with my request. I did not know what to do, just as I had felt when our family member was diagnosed. you can see her site dedicated to her battle here on wecanrebuildher.com

Just last week, I got an email from Andrea.  I was excited to hear from her.  She is fighting and raising awareness.  She is running to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and she needs support to reach her goal, The Boy and the Red balloon were very happy to help her (in their own small way) and if you would like you can do the same.  You’ll find the link  here.

I wish her and Mark and their gang lots of health and prosperity and hope that we’ll see many more years of fantastic interviews and reviews here on their site, justonemorebook.com

As I have said before in the book, the message is simple: Believe……. in unconditional love.

Kaveh Adel

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