How Does the Red Balloon Connect us Humans Together?

I find it amazing that things align in the right place and people cross paths and ideas resonate. I was working on the next video for release to give a little more insight into the book but I was hitting a wall about music and all of a sudden I run into a site by pure accident and listen to a song that seemed to really resonate(I am liking that word tonight!) with the buildup and the feel of the book.  So, I emailed the composer not expecting to get a response……..

I got a response the same day! And he lives in Japan!

In any case, he was gracious enough to let me use his music in my next video provided I would give him the proper credit(of course, he is very talented and he deserves all the credit!) So be on the look out for the video!

What I was trying to do was to make sense of it all.  I set out to write a very simple book, an emotionally charged one for me, yet a simple concept with very simple drawings(as I had explained in my previous post about simplicity).  I have had feedback about “The Boy and the Red Balloon from from my own family to friends, even  complete strangers(whom I hope to call friends someday!) All have said that they felt that they were touched in a way.  Each differently.

I never thought that my path would connect me with kindhearted people across the globe.

I suppose the “Red Balloon” can fly away but deep down it will always come back down to one thing and that’s the thing that connects us all.

Unconditional love

That is one thing that as humans we strive for and most of us have it and may  not even know that we possess the ability to get and even give it.

I am thankful to have these experiences to share with you and I wish everyone a life with unconditional love.


Kaveh Adel

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