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The First Reading of “The Boy and the Red Balloon” was a hit! see the Video!

I am not the type of person who likes to be in the spot light, in fact, far from it!   But, when the opportunity came to do a reading of my book “The Boy and the Red Balloon” for my son’s preschool class…. Well, I said to myself: ” if my boys like the book, [...]

Music, Inspiration, Have love and Passion to fly like a Balloon

There is something about classical Guitar and how it inspires……and allows for drawings and writing to flow! I highly recommend this wonderful Artist: Maneli Jamal.

May his LOVE and passion for his ART  carry him to SUCCESS just like our own little RED Balloon to the Boy!
Always Believe and have passion [...]

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Video about “The Boy and the Red Balloon”

Hello again!
I figured I should give everyone a glimpse of the book.
More like a teaser!
No, in all seriousness it is my aim to help evoke and nurture positive emotions.  In my opinion, nothing is more powerful than the written word–yet when one adds the visuals it allows the child (and the child inside the adult!) [...]

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