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The Red Balloon and the Brave Girl with Nightmares

I was recently contacted by  a dear friend of mine who told me the story of a girl who has been having nightmares. All I know is that this brave little girl was having some problems with nightmares  and my friend was helping her with those. My friend as a way [...]

Just One More Book & We can rebuild her

In March of 2010 I contacted the website Just One More Book, created by Andrea Ross & Mark Blevis, since I had just written my first children’s book and I eagerly wanted to know if they’d be interested in reading it. I had been hooked on their podcasts listening to their interviews and reviews [...]

The Little Lady dressed in White talks to the Boy and Red Balloon Writer

It is a great feeling when one least expects it , one is informed that what one has done has affected someone else in a positive way.
Last night, I was at a work party with my wife. I was mingling with everyone listening intently(as I always do) because I genuinely love to hear [...]

Music, Inspiration, Have love and Passion to fly like a Balloon

There is something about classical Guitar and how it inspires……and allows for drawings and writing to flow! I highly recommend this wonderful Artist: Maneli Jamal.

May his LOVE and passion for his ART  carry him to SUCCESS just like our own little RED Balloon to the Boy!
Always Believe and have passion [...]

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A Somber Boy and his Red Balloon

In the last few days the BOY has been feeling a little more sad than usual. His great grand mother passed away three days ago. He never got to meet her but has learned about her from his father.  Soon, when he grows up he will see and read more about her.  He will learn [...]

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You Tube Video for World Autism Awareness Day

I wanted just to say there that it is so important to care, even if it means to give someone a hug, a kiss, give them something of value or give something away.  I set out from the beginning to help, with all I could, two charities that I felt strongly about.  So do your [...]

Boy and Red Balloon and World Autism Awareness Day

In commemoration of World Autism Awareness day(April 2nd, 2010) and to help shed light on the increasing incidence in diagnosis and prevalence of Autism all around the world I have decided to donate ALL the proceeds from my Children’s Book:
“The Boy and the Red Balloon”
that were ear-marked to be shared between Autism Speaks [...]

How Does the Red Balloon Connect us Humans Together?

I find it amazing that things align in the right place and people cross paths and ideas resonate. I was working on the next video for release to give a little more insight into the book but I was hitting a wall about music and all of a sudden I run into a site by [...]

Why I kept the Boy and Red Balloon illustrations super simple

I got some excellent feedback last weekend about the book last weekend. I love Constructive criticism. One question that came up was this:
“I have read a lot of Children’s books but your illustrations were very simple, why did you do that?”

Ironically the answer is simple: We are reading the book and not necessarily [...]

The Boy and the Red Balloon is published

Finally after more than four months of hard work and one night’s inspiration while driving back from Iowa based on Kian’s experience with a Balloon, the book is published. I am so thankful that I had the support of so many beautiful people behind me. I will give them proper credit very soon. [...]

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