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Little Boy with a broken arm and the Red Balloon

It has been a while since I have blogged as I have been hard at work with projects and new books! But, a little boy(my little boy)…. the younger brother of the Boy in the Boy and the red Balloon just recently broke his arm and the older brother was nice enough to let go [...]

The Red Balloon and the Brave Girl with Nightmares

I was recently contacted by  a dear friend of mine who told me the story of a girl who has been having nightmares. All I know is that this brave little girl was having some problems with nightmares  and my friend was helping her with those. My friend as a way [...]

The Boy (“Gus”) and Red (“Orange”) Balloon

I was moved by the story of an awesome little Boy named Gus who recently lost his “Orange” Balloon. So, I decided to write to him and draw him a picture here it goes:

Dear Gus,
I wanted to tell you that when you believe YOU will be with your Orange Balloon. Just [...]

Why I kept the Boy and Red Balloon illustrations super simple

I got some excellent feedback last weekend about the book last weekend. I love Constructive criticism. One question that came up was this:
“I have read a lot of Children’s books but your illustrations were very simple, why did you do that?”

Ironically the answer is simple: We are reading the book and not necessarily [...]