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Boy and The Red Balloon Christmas and Holiday wishes

I  and the Boy and the Red Balloon wish you, your family, your friends, your pets, your plants, your toys (yes…they love you too!) and most important of all your parents a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Make sure you hug those who love you.  Send a hug to those who are no longer with [...]

Just One More Book & We can rebuild her

In March of 2010 I contacted the website Just One More Book, created by Andrea Ross & Mark Blevis, since I had just written my first children’s book and I eagerly wanted to know if they’d be interested in reading it. I had been hooked on their podcasts listening to their interviews and reviews [...]

Boy and the Red Balloon at Anderson’s Bookshop Home Grown Authors Event 2010

Great news!
I was contacted by Anderson’s Book shop director of events, Gail Wetta, who informed me that my book “The Boy and the Red Balloon” was selected along with seven other local authors at the Anderson’s Bookshop Home Grown Authors Event 2010.   I am honored to be among those selected and will be present to [...]

Daily Herald Article about Kaveh Adel, “The Boy and Red Balloon” Writer

I was interviewed, a week or so ago, by Susan Dibble, the Daily Herald columnist.  She was a class act.  It was absolutely refreshing to have a face to face interview with her about my book “The Boy and the Red Balloon”, my family, my profession and life in general.
Here is the link to the [...]

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The First Reading of “The Boy and the Red Balloon” was a hit! see the Video!

I am not the type of person who likes to be in the spot light, in fact, far from it!   But, when the opportunity came to do a reading of my book “The Boy and the Red Balloon” for my son’s preschool class…. Well, I said to myself: ” if my boys like the book, [...]

Last day for full 10% Donation to Autism Speaks

Hi everyone, Today is the last day when I will donate all 10% of the proceeds from the book “The boy and the Red Balloon” to Autism speaks. book:
******GET the BOOK HERE*******

Profile picture on Facebook will change from all blue( in commemoration Autism awareness month) back to a new one!!! Thank you for [...]

Kaveh Adel Amazon Author Page

Now that “The Boy and the Red Balloon” has been published and is also available through Amazon, there is another place where more information about my life, experiences and future projects can be seen. It is my Amazon Author Page–a great place for discussion, where all published works will be amassed and written reviews are [...]

The Little Lady dressed in White talks to the Boy and Red Balloon Writer

It is a great feeling when one least expects it , one is informed that what one has done has affected someone else in a positive way.
Last night, I was at a work party with my wife. I was mingling with everyone listening intently(as I always do) because I genuinely love to hear [...]

The Boy (“Gus”) and Red (“Orange”) Balloon

I was moved by the story of an awesome little Boy named Gus who recently lost his “Orange” Balloon. So, I decided to write to him and draw him a picture here it goes:

Dear Gus,
I wanted to tell you that when you believe YOU will be with your Orange Balloon. Just [...]

International Children’s Book Day

My last blog post was about World Autism Awareness Day which is on April 2nd but I forgot to mention that it is also the International Children’s Book day as well.   In fact here is a little history about it from International board for Books for Young People (IBBY) taken from their website:
“Since 1967, on [...]