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Last day for full 10% Donation to Autism Speaks

Hi everyone, Today is the last day when I will donate all 10% of the proceeds from the book “The boy and the Red Balloon” to Autism speaks. book:
******GET the BOOK HERE*******

Profile picture on Facebook will change from all blue( in commemoration Autism awareness month) back to a new one!!! Thank you for [...]

You Tube Video for World Autism Awareness Day

I wanted just to say there that it is so important to care, even if it means to give someone a hug, a kiss, give them something of value or give something away.  I set out from the beginning to help, with all I could, two charities that I felt strongly about.  So do your [...]

Boy and Red Balloon and World Autism Awareness Day

In commemoration of World Autism Awareness day(April 2nd, 2010) and to help shed light on the increasing incidence in diagnosis and prevalence of Autism all around the world I have decided to donate ALL the proceeds from my Children’s Book:
“The Boy and the Red Balloon”
that were ear-marked to be shared between Autism Speaks [...]