Boy and Red Balloon and World Autism Awareness Day

In commemoration of World Autism Awareness day(April 2nd, 2010) and to help shed light on the increasing incidence in diagnosis and prevalence of Autism all around the world I have decided to donate ALL the proceeds from my Children’s Book:

“The Boy and the Red Balloon”

that were ear-marked to be shared between Autism Speaks and Make a Wish foundation to be given to Autism Speaks.

It is imperative to bring more attention to this and push for further research as well as support mechanisms to help all of these wonderful minds to thrive and become their own shining stars.

Several great sites to visit to learn about Autism, to get involved and to make a difference are listed below:

1. World Autism Awareness Day

2. Autism Speaks

3. A Blog post by MOM-NOS named A hair-dryer kid in a toaster-brained world (a fantastic post with regards to realizing and seeing the positive and how the brain of an Autistic person is different yet the same as the rest of the population. )

Feel free to share this with anyone you like! and always, always remember that with love , one will overcome any hurdle……so believe.


Kaveh Adel

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