Albert lamorisse’s “The Red Balloon” gets a Revival at the Adventure Theater in Maryland

I was surfing the internet and had recently revisited the classic Film(1956) “The Red Balloon” by Albert Lamorisse when I stumbled upon the genius idea of adapting the film to a play!   It is a reality! A wonderful theater group with a long history of serving theater and performance art to children since 1952 in Maryland/Washington area will open with their first performance on April 30th running until June 13, 2010.

I am sad that I will not be able to have a chance to see the performances but I am sure they will bring joy to the lives of many children and adults alike as much as the original film has done for many years.

And as the sad boy (in my book “The Boy and the Red Balloon“)  feeling as though I may never see MY Red Balloon, somehow I BELIEVE that this lost opportunity to experience such a great live ART form will be felt and experienced by many other HAPPY, smiling and loving children elsewhere…….. and that brings joy and a SMILE to my face, as I know that Art expressed  with LOVE will MOVE people.

To get more information about these performances feel free to visit:


or for tickets and more info contact: Adventure Theatre
Glen Echo Park • 7300 MacArthur Blvd. • Glen Echo, MD 20812
Phone: 301-634-2270 • Fax: 301-634-2269

And remember to always believe!

Kaveh Adel

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