A Somber Boy and his Red Balloon

In the last few days the BOY has been feeling a little more sad than usual. His great grand mother passed away three days ago. He never got to meet her but has learned about her from his father.  Soon, when he grows up he will see and read more about her.  He will learn that many things in life are lost not unlike a  Balloon flying away.

Many years ago, she lost many dear Balloons in her life.  She never got to see those Balloons again.  She never cried, although she shed tears inside. But she always imagined she will become a Balloon herself and fly. But, before she would become the Balloon she wanted to learn to fly. So,  she flew across an ocean and 3 continents to see her grandson (the BOY’s Father) and saw him get married.  She had the determination to see the world.  And she did.  Once she accomplished that, she returned home.

Several years later,  the BOY was born. She had always wanted to talk to him and once she heard him say his father’s name across a telephone line and that was enough for her, just to hear that.

She flew one last time to visit another part of the world, several weeks ago.  She wanted to do it.  She knew that this would be her last flight as a great-grand-mother.  So she gathered those she could to go with and everyone went along with her because it was her wish. She was happy and enjoyed her trip.

Upon her return, surrounded with all who love her(near and far), she became a Balloon herself and flew away but she is always attached to us with a string, a string filled with memories, with love–an unconditional love. And she is hovering above us with a smile. Always a smile. I imagine she is with her dear lost Balloons from years past.

The BOY, one day, will learn about this and will never, never let go.

From the bottom of my heart I send love to all,

Never let go of the  string.

Always remember to BELIEVE.

Kaveh Adel

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